Navigating Culture in Leadership Transitions Part 2

Think back to when you started in a new role. You know how challenging it can be to integrate and deliver A LOT in a new environment, within a short space of time, and with many eyes upon you looking for evidence to prove it was a good idea to hire you for this role. This is especially pressure-filled if that new environment is culturally very different to the one you have come from.

This is why the first six months in a new role are vitally important. New leaders need to establish the potential for success within that environment, without delay. Their margin for error is slim.

We find that the “sink or swim” method of integrating new leaders is still the most common. For those companies who do provide some on-boarding resources, they are either outdated or inadequate to assist today’s leader in dealing with the complexities they face in organizations with environments that are multicultural, global, virtual, changing quickly, and lean. Past experience is not enough. Strong leadership skills are not enough. These are minimum price of admission, but not enough if the new leader is not skilled, motivated and open to learning and adapting to the culture they are entering into.
Paragon transition coaching provides a combination of new knowledge, new skills and cultural attitudes that enable leaders to accurately assess situations and people, wisely take action, effectively interact and thus successfully manage their work, team and key stakeholders. This means not only knowing the culture of the company, the industry culture, the multi-cultures of a diverse work force, and if in a global role, the national culture of the global operations. The layers of cultural awareness are immense, which is why culture is the most important factor to a new leader’s success.

Once cultural information is gathered, knowing what to do with that information is critical so the new leader is equipped to develop the competencies to think and act accordingly.

Paragon’s Role Transition coaching offers a new leader a way to co-create with their boss, team and peers, a cultural strategy for everyone to be successful. Leaders cultivate skills, such as the ability to anticipate, correctly interpret and adjust to the culturally-defined behavioral habits of others. Our clients develop the ability to deal with the reality of differing culture blends in an innovative, meaningful and sustainable way.


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