A Woman Standing Her Ground

Despite the politics of the issue, Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona has demonstrated strong leadership skills that can be admired by many.  She has demonstrated courage, compassion, focus, and takes action.  It takes a lot of courage to enforce a law that the federal government does not agree with.  She feels that the Obama administration has not produced enough results, so she took action into her own hands.  The crime that is occurring because of the illegal immigrants is having negative effects on the state of Arizona, which is why Brewer is making a change.  She is proving her role as a strong leader of Arizona by making a decision based on the law in the state and standing by that choice.  The governor is facing many critics of her new law, but she is not backing down under the pressure.

Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, is set to enforce a new law that allows police officers to request identification from any individual to prove their legality in this country.  The federal administration does not agree with this new law, which is causing much controversy.  This law is set to take effect July 28th, as long as the federal government does not get their way.

Arizona has faced many problems with illegal immigrants in the state because of its proximity to Mexico.  Brewer is fed up with the crime that comes with the illegal immigrants, from kidnappings to beheadings, and she wants to put a stop to it.  The federal government has stated that they will sue the state of Arizona over their controversial immigration laws because they are unconstitutional. The governor expressed her disagreement and said she would fight any lawsuit she faces.

Jan Brewer has demonstrated many qualities that Paragon works to instill in their customers.  She has made a decision and is taking the appropriate actions to achieve her goals.  This strong leader is what we as a company are striving for in the future faces of leadership.

Written by Chelsea Johnston, Marketing Intern, Paragon Leadership International


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