Leadership Development for Future Generations

Paragon works closely with the leaders of companies in order to strengthen their ability to lead a team.  Without leadership skills it is difficult to run a successful business that is profitable.  We focus on helping those already in the workforce with their capability to lead a group of people or an entire organization.  The future faces of leadership need to be taught these skills earlier than once they are already in the working world.

School curriculums today must adjust to the changing environment in the workplace in order to create students that are competitive in the job market.  Schools are changing the ways in which they teach and also the classes that students are required to take.  The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is a great example of a program that is changing with the times.  They have become more efficient in their methods of teaching, along with taking more risks for the students.

Many universities have offices designed to help the leaders of student organizations on campus.  They provide them support and aid when necessary.  These offices also offer retreats for those in leadership positions to help improve their ability to lead.  Many leadership positions are available to students in the various organizations found around campus. The Community College Leadership Program is found at almost every university and specifically targets students looking to strengthen their ability to lead.  Other programs include sororities, fraternities, student congress, and athletic teams, which all provide optimal opportunities to practice leadership skills.

For the younger students, there are various programs available to build their leadership skills.  Not only school groups such as boy scouts and girl scouts help to transform children into leaders, but there are organizations outside of school available as well.  Leadership summer camps
help children and teens to work on their leading abilities.

Paragon offers a helping hand to those younger students searching for a way to develop their leadership skills.  We also guide managers and executives to find the best way to lead the company they are working for.  Because of this changing working world, educators must adapt to help their students be competitive for employers.  In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to constantly change according to the needs of the working environment.

Written by Chelsea Johnston, Marketing Intern, Paragon Leadership International


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