Next Generation Leaders help Autism Alliance of Michigan

Paragon Leadership has a continued commitment to social responsibility. We created TeamKAL (Kids Action Learning) to help local kids learn about leadership, teamwork, and helping others.

This summer Morgan Krupic, Lauryn Zwarych, and Maddie Kohne, all 12 years old and daughters of several Paragon employees – Janice Krupic (CEO), Diana Kohne (Finance Manager) and Jodi Zwarych (Marketing & Client Service Assistant) – formed a TeamKAL called “Helping Hands” to help support Autism Alliance of Michigan. Janice Krupic facilitated the TeamKAL process as the girls worked together to develop a project to help raise money for Autism Alliance of Michigan. The girls decided to design a logo that represented Helping Hands and their efforts to support Autism Alliance of Michigan. They are selling apparel featuring this design and donating the proceeds of the sales, as well as cash donations, to Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Lauryn, Maddie, and Morgan identified with the Autism Alliance organization because they interact everyday with classmates that have autism as well as friends and family that care for children with autism. “It feels good when people tell us how important what we are doing is and that they know someone with autism.” Morgan said. The girls understand the importance of fundraising to help families that cannot afford the mounting costs of carrying for a child with autism. She pointed out that “It costs $4 million over a lifetime to care for a child with autism.” Many times health insurance does not help pay for the care, Maddie added.

The girls have learned the value of marketing and spreading the word about their project.  They have told family and friends about their project and said that their friends think that what they are doing is “really cool”. They hope to get more children involved in causes such as Autism Alliance so that other kids their age understand that they can make a difference.

They were interviewed by a local journalist in order to share with their communities in Novi, Northville, and South Lyon about donating to a cause they care about. They were invited by David Meador, the co-founders of Autism Alliance of Michigan and CFO of DTE Energy, to sell their apparel in the lobby of the DTE Energy Headquarters in August. Susan Lerch, President and CEO of Autism Alliance of Michigan, has also invited them to sell their apparel at the Autism Speaks Walk in October at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

This TeamKAL project has also opened the doors to a number of learning opportunities for the girls, as well as the organizations they were involved with. On the heels of the popular new training technique, reverse mentoring, the girls have been asked to give presentations for both DTE Energy leaders as well as Autism Alliance of Michigan Board members about their experience with TeamKAL. They have shared their process of developing and executing their project as well as what they have learned about leadership, teamwork, community involvement, and taking pride in the work they do. Paragon sees the importance of these interactions between generations of leaders for both parties. The future faces of leadership are an important tool to understanding and managing young leaders of your organization.

Helping Hands with members of the DTE Women in Finance group. Maureen Look, JoAnn Chavez, and Debbie Osborne

Helping Hands with Susan Lerch, President of Autism Alliance of Michigan, and Dave Meador, founder of Autism Alliance.

Apparel can be purchased by contacting

Tee-shirts $12

Sweatshirts $30

Sweatpants $22

Drawstring bags $10

We would like to thank Autism Alliance of Michigan and DTE Energy for being involved in this “Helping Hands” TeamKAL project.

If your company is interested in sponsoring or participating in a TeamKAL project, please contact us at


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  1. I need to know exactly what Alton can do with this?!?


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