Practice Makes…Improvements

As the school year begins again, college students are deciding what classes they need to put on their schedule in order to graduate on time.  For me, classes such as Marketing Strategy, Business Ethics, and Sports Marketing make up my fall schedule.  Throughout my years of schooling I’ve read many textbooks and memorized tons of facts about different marketing topics, but I have not been given the opportunity to practice those skills that I’m reading about.  Paragon International offers a great program for young professionals to experience real world situations that take place in the workplace.  It is called the Epprentice Program, which helps young people work together on problems to come to a common solution.

I had the chance to speak with two Epprentice participants from past programs.  They both expressed how much they learned by completing the program, and are able to use those skills in their jobs today.  The most important skills developed through the participation of the program include:

  • Team Building Skills
  • Presentation Skills

In the Epprentice program, the participants were put into groups and given scenarios that they must work together to come up with a resolution.  Working with different types of people and trying to achieve a common goal emulates what individual’s must deal with in the workplace.  If you cannot work together with colleagues, you will not be put on the important projects for your company.

Presentation skills are crucial for being successful in the workplace.  If you cannot communicate your ideas to others, it will cause many problems between you and your colleagues.  It doesn’t matter if you have a good idea if you can’t find a way to explain it to other people.  Presentation skills are also important when presenting a new strategy to your boss.  If she is not able to understand your idea, it will never get the okay to be implemented into the corporate strategy.

Paragon offers this Epprentice Program for those individuals who want practice and experience in real-life work situations.  Sitting in a classroom will not allow you to practice working with different individuals or presenting your ideas.  The only way to become comfortable in these situations is to practice, practice, practice!

Written by Chelsea Johnston, Marketing Intern, Paragon Leadership International


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