Leadership and Workforce Trends – Top 12 for 2012

Paragon Leadership is a future-centric executive and leadership development firm passionate about developing the future face of leadership. Whether it is at the senior level or early in career, we believe that we can thrive as a country while winning the war on talent.  These top 12 trends were developed by several of Paragon’s most forward-thinking associates, who believe in encouraging leaders to consider future possibilities and act accordingly for success.

  1. The world of co-operation will continue to rise. Leaders will need to find more ways to ‘cross lines’ when developing consortium, partnerships and networking opportunities across functions, companies and industries.
  2. Social media will continue to play a large role in how leaders communicate and act.  To stay up-to-date in a tech-savvy world, leaders must turn to mediums like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to increase direct communication at all levels and around the globe.
  3. The squeeze on middle managers to do it all will continue.
  4. We will see companies rely on consumer input and behaviors more than ever to shape strategy, product development, and overall operations.
  5. Attitudes, beliefs and values of consumers and future generation leaders will perpetuate changes in company behavior.
  6. Companies will continue to look for ways to save money, even at the expense of employee development. At the same time, companies will be forced to reconcile with and adjust to accommodating satisfaction-seeking next generation leaders.
  7. We will see a decrease in formal training and an increase in action-based learning. Work roles will provide new challenges and satisfactory work experiences.
  8. We will continue to be challenged by how to support global work mobility with non-restrictive boundaries, while trying to attract the best talent.
  9. We will see an increase in company efforts to return to locally made products.
  10. We will see companies continue to pursue sustainability initiatives at all levels of production to further social responsibility efforts as well as draw in consumers.
  11. We will continue to see a rise in “the man’s place at home”, including a potential increase in stay-at-home dads.
  12. Pure is the new natural. Future talent, as well as consumers, will continue to seek companies that are real – pure and strong-valued in a mission that goes beyond pushing profits to satisfy shareholders.

Compiled by Paragon Associates, Janice Krupic, Diane Ring, Kevin Sulaiman & Deb Peters


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